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Velma Being Velma

“Yeah, see this? This is pretty much all the warning you get for a Gallick Gun. So if you don’t buzz off, I’m gonna shoot you in the face,” Velma said.

*not pictured: Gochi pinching the bridge of their nose in exasperation, Radcha laughing his ass off*

Velma is just as irascible as Vegeta, but they’re much chattier about it. Also be very afraid of their Gallick Gun–Velma’s aim is not quite as good as Vegeta’s. They say “face” but it might just end up being “crotch” with their shooting. Now which of those you think is worse I can’t say, but both are pretty bad.
Godel: fusion of Gohan and Videl

Godel is the second-strongest human-Saiyan fusion, behind Gochi but a bit ahead of Radcha and decently ahead of Velma. However, Godel also has the most drawbacks of any of those fusions. Much like Gotenks has a child’s worst impulses time two even without Goten and Trunks being that bratty, Godel has a teenager’s moodiness and volatility times two despite Gohan and Videl not being too bad in those areas. If you don’t have Goku, Chichi, Piccolo, or Mr. Satan around to pull the parent card in just the right way, Godel can be astonishingly immature about some things.

On the other hand, Godel is just plain fun. They inherited both Gohan and Videl’s sense of humor, and love to have a good laugh while making the bad guy sweat a  little. While not as brilliant as Velma can be, Godel is nonetheless sharp as an adamantium tack and twice as tough. And never, ever threaten kids around them. Ever.

Godel is intentionally androgynous looking, helped by their loose clothes, as they’re a fusion of a teen guy and girl.  They have Videl’s haircut but their face is closer to Gohan’s, and their clothes are a mix of both (that tank top undershirt is both Videl’s and pink, while the pants are from Gohan’s purple gi and so on).
Aw, Cheer Up Short Stuff
in which Radcha is going to be fed his own tail if he's not careful...

Tientzu is just a little shorter than Vegeta and Tien sometimes gets a bit huffy about the lack of height given what he’s used to having (Chaotzu, on the other hand, is elated to be over twice his normal height). Tien often convinces Chaotzu to just levitate as Tientzu to try and make up for it…

But Raditz and Yamcha can’t resist a bit of ribbing for their triclops buddy. And since Radcha is naturally a bit of a troll, Tientzu is in for a lot of ribbing.

Radcha has Raditz’s height, tail and hair length with Yamcha’s hair texture, facial structure, and base outfit (but no sleeves. Raditz does not roll with sleeves). Yamcha’s old bandit armguards with Raditz’s boots round it off.

Tientzu’s outfit is closer to Tien’s but with Chaotzu’ habit of tucking his pants into his boots. He has Chaotzu’s complexion but Tien’s third eye and general face structure.
Gochi's Real Tired of Your Shit, Velma
From my Dragon BBall AU where anyone can fuse with anyone and the rules are more Steven Universe like (also Raditz and Nappa are back).

Velma: Fusion of Vegeta and Bulma. Not that much stronger than Vegeta, but with the added bonus of Bulma’s intelligence. And both of their egos. Thus Velma is actually even more prideful than Vegeta, with the added bonus of being very chatty about it, as opposed to the prince of glaring. Velma can be very creative in battle, using their attacks very intelligently and figuring out an opponent’s tactics and weaknesses very quickly.

Gochi is the fusion of Chichi and Goku and is working really hard not to just tell Velma to please shut up already. Gochi is the most powerful human-Saiyan fusion, and will not hesitate to make you very aware of it if necessary. Gochi also has an excellent ‘uh-huh’ face as seen here, inherited from Chichi’s years of parenting two superpowered boys. Gochi is also a bit of a love freak, which annoys Velma to no end.

Velma is drawn as generally seen on stupiddoomdoodles’ blog, as can be viewed in this tag here if you want to see what the design looks like in color and from better artists. Gochi has Goku’s hair, but Chichi’s bangs, wears their pants like Chichi instead of Goku, and has her usual shirt style under his (but with short sleeves. Like Raditz, Goku does not roll with full sleeves).


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Favourite genre of music: Anything with a beat but minimum cursing
Favourite style of art: Anime/Comic Books
Operating System: NEW Laptop, woot!
MP3 player of choice:Old, old ipod.
Wallpaper of choice: Batman or Lion King stuff.
Skin of choice: Blue is good.
Favorite cartoon character: Moordryd Payyn/Jack Spicer/Harley Quinn/Scooby Doo/Agent Six/Rex
Personal Quote: "My army is on your front lawn, waiting to consult"--- my Euro History teacher
  • Listening to: We R Who We R
  • Reading: Journey Into Mystery's new issues
  • Eating: lunch
And actually, I really like it. I was worried I wouldn't, since they needed me to work pretty much only nights (5:30-midnight, or 6 to midnight, depending on which store) and I'm not much of a night person. The first week required a lot of napping. Also, sometimes I make overtime--since I live closest to the main store (aka 5-7 minute drive when almost everyone else is 20 or more) sometimes I get called in earlier to help the day shift if they get suddenly overwhelmed (they're usually much, much slower than night shift, day shift has 1 worker, night shift 3-5). And if I go in early enough (usually by 3-3:30) they tend to let me off early if they can, which I don't mind (the last hours of both store's nights is mind-numbingly dull after you finish cleaning)
I also get 1 dollar more than minimum wage an hour plus a share of the tips (one night there were 4 people working and I got over 9 bucks just in tips--seriously), do not have to clock out to eat dinner if I don't leave the premises and do so in under 15 minutes (and if i do want to leave, there's a McDonald's across the street and a KFC a bit down from it), I can take a short break without clocking out and on busy nights my superiors have been known to MAKE me take those breaks (one even made me sit outside with my iPod for seven or so minutes since we'd had an hour long rush).
I don't mind the cleaning--it help me stay awake (and there will be cleaning in this ice-cream store, let me tell you--kids, Formica tables, teenage tourists--you get the drift). I'm mostly cleared to work register, but the supervisors still prefer to be close in case I make a mistake (I apparently make less of those than a few new hires who have been there a bit longer though--yay!) and need help. I get 1-2 samples of ice-cream if I want them (usually don't but some nights I need 'em).
All in all, it's a good summer job. Though as the boss pointed out, all the summer hires get fired in August (don't mind, have college). Still, I think I'm a prime candidate for next year!



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