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Dash on Glass by Kereea
Dash on Glass
This is an art project I'm currently working on. Not quite done yet, but it's getting there. It's Rainbow Dash, painted on glass. I plan to have the finished product ready well before BABScon.
Dragon Ball Guild: Raditz and Yamcha by Kereea
Dragon Ball Guild: Raditz and Yamcha

Yamcha: Raditz…

Raditz: Yeah?

Yamcha: Tail.

Raditz: What about it?

Yamcha: Move it, we’re in an official picture!

Raditz: Yeah, and I have to officially say the hot one’s taken!

Yamcha: I can’t take you anywhere…

Yep. I ship it. Crackships rule! So here’s Raditz and Yamcha’s looks for Dragon Ball Guild! Raditz is a Warrior (yes, I know the class is technically “fighter” but come on, Warrior is totally what he’s call himself) and Yamcha is a Rogue turned Sage-In-Training.

Raditz specializes in close quarters combat, as evidence by his spiked knuckle dusters. As one of the main tanks, he needs to wear armor. Also as one of the main tanks, he tries to wear brighter colors so people aim for him (and not, say, the rogue boyfriend who’s setting up a Sneak Attack). Incredibly strong and proud of it, Raditz likes to charge in head first and start grappling (for someone with only a moderate intelligence score, dude has the grapple rules down pat). Why odes he have pierced ears? Magic bonuses from earrings acquired by his bandit boyfriend, of course!

Yamcha was a rogue specializing in Sneak Attacks, trap finding, and general banditry. However as time wore on, he started getting outclassed to where his main job was getting the potions to the others, so he’s branched out and is now learning Sage arts from Grandpa Gohan to bolster his attack and defense. Since he’s still just learning, his main jobs are still Rogue ones. His main weapon is a scimitar, though he has knives in his vest.

Yamcha’s hair was the biggest pain in all of this. It is so hard to make it properly Yamcha-ish. Raditz you just go spiky mane of doom but with Yamcha…*sigh*
Dragon Ball Guild: Vegeta and Bulma by Kereea
Dragon Ball Guild: Vegeta and Bulma

And here we see the local guildmaster in her native habitat, troll-flirting with the Prince of All (4.5) Saiyans. Note her relaxed stance and growing grin as his tail begins to twist about and his fist clenches ever tighter, and yet also note how he does not attack. Clearly she has stumbled upon some hereto unknown courtship technique and he is actually not that mad. Well, that or he does not want another Prismatic Spray upside the head. Whichever.

*the above is best read in your best National Geographic voice*

Aka here are  my designs for Bulma and Vegeta for Dragon Ball Guild!

Vegeta was pretty easy since he’s going to multiclass to Warlord early on and they have a lot of feats (many of which echo canon!Vegeta’s physical resilience) that allow them to use very light armor, so something similar to his usual look was clearly the way to go. I went with a sword as his weapon since Raditz was using knuckle dusters and Kakarrot uses a bow (or his fists). Still not sure what Nappa uses.

Orange is the guild’s identifying color and you WILL wear some of it along with an orange Z (for “Z-Fighter”, the name of the guild, Kakarrot thought it up as a kid) somewhere visible.

Bulma is in her casual clothes, which she wears for working around the guild and easier adventures. Stronger adventures merit showing less leg. If the coat was off Vegeta would be staring lower, since Bulma loves a good low cut dress to mess with anyone remotely attracted to the sight of boobs. Bulma also loves a good diadem of tiara-like headband full of casting bonuses.

Teen Loki by Kereea
Teen Loki
In a universe where Kid Loki got to continue his own story and not die for plot reasons, he grew up to be a heroic trickster and had many adventures. This is how he looked in his later teen years in that headcanon of mine.


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Favourite genre of music: Anything with a beat but minimum cursing
Favourite style of art: Anime/Comic Books
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MP3 player of choice:Old, old ipod.
Wallpaper of choice: Batman or Lion King stuff.
Skin of choice: Blue is good.
Favorite cartoon character: Moordryd Payyn/Jack Spicer/Harley Quinn/Scooby Doo/Agent Six/Rex
Personal Quote: "My army is on your front lawn, waiting to consult"--- my Euro History teacher
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And actually, I really like it. I was worried I wouldn't, since they needed me to work pretty much only nights (5:30-midnight, or 6 to midnight, depending on which store) and I'm not much of a night person. The first week required a lot of napping. Also, sometimes I make overtime--since I live closest to the main store (aka 5-7 minute drive when almost everyone else is 20 or more) sometimes I get called in earlier to help the day shift if they get suddenly overwhelmed (they're usually much, much slower than night shift, day shift has 1 worker, night shift 3-5). And if I go in early enough (usually by 3-3:30) they tend to let me off early if they can, which I don't mind (the last hours of both store's nights is mind-numbingly dull after you finish cleaning)
I also get 1 dollar more than minimum wage an hour plus a share of the tips (one night there were 4 people working and I got over 9 bucks just in tips--seriously), do not have to clock out to eat dinner if I don't leave the premises and do so in under 15 minutes (and if i do want to leave, there's a McDonald's across the street and a KFC a bit down from it), I can take a short break without clocking out and on busy nights my superiors have been known to MAKE me take those breaks (one even made me sit outside with my iPod for seven or so minutes since we'd had an hour long rush).
I don't mind the cleaning--it help me stay awake (and there will be cleaning in this ice-cream store, let me tell you--kids, Formica tables, teenage tourists--you get the drift). I'm mostly cleared to work register, but the supervisors still prefer to be close in case I make a mistake (I apparently make less of those than a few new hires who have been there a bit longer though--yay!) and need help. I get 1-2 samples of ice-cream if I want them (usually don't but some nights I need 'em).
All in all, it's a good summer job. Though as the boss pointed out, all the summer hires get fired in August (don't mind, have college). Still, I think I'm a prime candidate for next year!

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