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Game Of Pokemon 4 by Kereea
Game Of Pokemon 4
Got three gym leaders (one of whom is not doing his job) and an elite four member today! And withing them, two of this universe's bad guys!

Firstly we have Balon Greyjoy, gym leader of the Iron islands who currently is not leading his gym and left Asha in charge, What is he off doing? Well, he's the leader of this universe's version of Team Aqua, because he thinks letting Kyogre go nuts on the world will totally let the Ironborn go back to their pre modern era ways of being badass raiders. Naturally he knows not to say this in public since people would think he's crazy...and arrest him. Balon trains a lot of Water and Dark type Pokemon, with Sharpedo and Poliwrath known to be his signature 'mons.
Also, he's very disappointed in Theon for becoming a Pokemon Coordinator. Though, as some elements of his design suggest, Theon comes by his overly dramatic tendencies honestly...

Margaery Tyrell is one of the two gym leaders of the Reach and is considered one of the toughest due to the defensive abilities of her Grass and Fairy type Pokemon. Sadly this left her easy pickings for Robb stark, who specializes in Ice types and also has Steel types. Margaery LOVES getting to mentor newer trainers and can't wait to meet her pen pal, Sansa, when she comes south as a coordinator soon.
Margaery was the hardest for me to design. I went through a lot of dresses, crop tops, skirts, short shorts...I'm pretty happy with what she's got now, though. Also her hair would not Poke-fy very well so finally I just put it up. Coupled with the ribbons I'm saying she has a dancing-themed gym.

Tyrion Lannister, one of the the Western gym leaders who operates out of Lannisport since his father would rather hang himself than let Tyrion be the gym leader of Casterly Rock. Tyrion is the top fossil studier and reviver in the reigon, something he enjoys rubbing in the faces of his family (except for Jaime and Kevan, since they're nice to him). Tyrion fights with Fire and Ground type Pokemon, though many of them have electric type moves just in case you thought sweeping him with a water type would work. He was one of only two gym leaders to give Robb a real challenge in the South. Tyrion's gym is also his lab, so if you break ANYTHING outside the arenas...gods help you.
Tyrion's main outfit piece is his incredibly spiffy labcoat, reminding the world that he IS a Lannister even if he's not running the family gym.

Tywin Lannister is the final member of the Elite Four, though there are murmurs that Ned Stark is actually stronger than he is these days. Tywin loves his "warlord" motif a little too much, even according to people close to him like Jaime and Cersei. As a Rock and Ground battler, Tywin enjoys turning the battlefield itself against his opponents before CRUSHING them. Tywin also has a secret: he's the leader od this world's Team Magma, though for entirely selfish and prideful reasons. He thinks he can utilize Groudon's powers over the earth and ground and heat to create or find more precious gems, thus enriching the Lannister family and expanding their power...of course, his plans never account for the idea that he, of all people, might not be able to control the mighty Groundon.
I gave Tywin a golden cloak like the one he wears in the books, but made it one more practical for walking about in. Also gave him the traditional way-too-blinged-out Lannister armor.
Game Of Pokemon 3 by Kereea
Game Of Pokemon 3
And now Ned and Catelyn Stark!

Ned Stark was called to join the Elite Four after Jon Arryn's death. He's a bit annoyed at how warm the south (where the Four reside in King's Landing with Champion Robert) is, and the fact that he really can't wear much fur besides his belt because of it. Ned fights with Ice and Steel types, including his Aegislash named Ice.

For Ned's design I went simple with some slight bright detailing on the coat and boots since, well, Elite Four, he needs some flair. According to Ned they're actually just neon stripes so no one's car hits him in the middle of the night.

Catelyn took over the Stark gym since Robb's off on his journey and Ned is now in the Elite Four. Being a gym leader and keeping eye on the four children still at home isn't easy, but she makes it work. She fights with Ice and Water types, including her Empoleon she's had since childhood.

I based Catelyn primarily off Drasna from Kalos, though she's got some Glacia in there too. I also made her hair more "Pokemon" in its style.
GameOfPokemon2 by Kereea
Yep, I'm still doing this! This time we have Iron Islands Gym Leader Asha (filling in for her dad because Rodrik and Maron are boneheads who can't be trusted to do a job right) and Elite Four Cersei (who insists she's the only woman tough enough for the Elite Four...despite there having been others in the past).

Asha is, as a denzien of the Iron Islands, primarily a trainer of water, fighting, and steel types. To account for sixteen gyms instead of eight, gym leaders and the Elite Four are allowed two types for diversity's sake and Asha fights officially with Water and Steel. Asha doesn't care quite so much about her brother Theon running off to be a coordinator as the rest of the family does, but even she's a bit suspicious of his reltionship with Robb Stark...

For Asha's design I went tough, while basing it a lot off of Byron and Gardenia of Sinnoh. The Iron Islands aren't big on color, so I gave her a single stipe of color (purple, for power) mized in with her greys and browns.

Cersei is the second faced of the Elite Four (after Varys, who's frankly just there to weed out the idiots who still managed to get the badges). She fights with Fire and Rock type Pokemon. Cersei is annoyed at newcomer to the Four Ned Stark, since his ice types still beat her 'mons despite the typing disadvantage. Cersei is mainly in the Elite Four due to her sheer ruthlessness, but she knows that she's currently considered the most disposable of the lot (Varys has blackmail) if someone...say a Dragon and Fire gym leader named Daenerys...tries to rank up.

For Cersei I wanted sexy, but still looking like something Cersei would wear and kid-friendly enough for a Pokemon character. I really liked the ornamental bit that goes over her shoulder.
Game Of Pokemon by Kereea
Game Of Pokemon
Yep, this Pokemon in Westeros idea is not vacating my brain anytime soon! Here we have Theon (in his contest outfit since we've seen his normal one), Robb, Jon, and Ygritte.

So in this universe, Theon's a coordinator, Robb's a trainer, and Jon and Ygritte are Rangers.

Rangers are some odd combination of police (so, the goldcloaks), the Kingsguard, and the men at the Wall. Hence the white and black motif. Ygritte is a former informant whose entire criminal group switched to the Rangers' side due to (insert evil team here still working out those schematics) worrying them too much. She uses mainly ice and flying type Pokemon. Jon is her often-mystified and frequently by-the-book partner and mostly uses Dark, Steel and Ice type Pokemon, the traditional types of house Stark. Yes, even Dark types. It's not my fault they got almost all the canines! Ghost is an Absol.

House Stark administers the Northern league which is the North, Iron Islands (grudgingly), Riverlands, and Vale (slightly less grudgingly than Iron Islands). House Baratheon runs the Southern league, which is Crownlands, Stormlands, Reach, and West. Dorne gets to be the Battle Frontier or something.

Theon and Robb were recently in the, though not together. Robb beat all the gyms down there but you have to beat both leagues to face the Elite Four and Champion (Cersei, Varys, Tywin, Ned, and Robert, in order). So he and Theon have met up and are going to do the Northern journey together! Robb, like Jon, uses mostly House Stark types, though he also likes fighting Pokemon. Grey Wind is a Mightyena.

There's not many contests to be had up North, and they're more fighting-based. Which Theon likes. If he ever made it to the battle rounds of Southern contests he was sure to win since he might be a showoff but he's still a fight-loving Ironborn deep down. As seen ebfore he mainly trains water types, with his Milotic Wavebreak being his oldest. While Theon normally wears gloves to hide some scars, in contests he just wears a LOT of makeup on his hands instead, since he's not standing as close to people.
Older Theon picture:…


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And actually, I really like it. I was worried I wouldn't, since they needed me to work pretty much only nights (5:30-midnight, or 6 to midnight, depending on which store) and I'm not much of a night person. The first week required a lot of napping. Also, sometimes I make overtime--since I live closest to the main store (aka 5-7 minute drive when almost everyone else is 20 or more) sometimes I get called in earlier to help the day shift if they get suddenly overwhelmed (they're usually much, much slower than night shift, day shift has 1 worker, night shift 3-5). And if I go in early enough (usually by 3-3:30) they tend to let me off early if they can, which I don't mind (the last hours of both store's nights is mind-numbingly dull after you finish cleaning)
I also get 1 dollar more than minimum wage an hour plus a share of the tips (one night there were 4 people working and I got over 9 bucks just in tips--seriously), do not have to clock out to eat dinner if I don't leave the premises and do so in under 15 minutes (and if i do want to leave, there's a McDonald's across the street and a KFC a bit down from it), I can take a short break without clocking out and on busy nights my superiors have been known to MAKE me take those breaks (one even made me sit outside with my iPod for seven or so minutes since we'd had an hour long rush).
I don't mind the cleaning--it help me stay awake (and there will be cleaning in this ice-cream store, let me tell you--kids, Formica tables, teenage tourists--you get the drift). I'm mostly cleared to work register, but the supervisors still prefer to be close in case I make a mistake (I apparently make less of those than a few new hires who have been there a bit longer though--yay!) and need help. I get 1-2 samples of ice-cream if I want them (usually don't but some nights I need 'em).
All in all, it's a good summer job. Though as the boss pointed out, all the summer hires get fired in August (don't mind, have college). Still, I think I'm a prime candidate for next year!

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